Monday, September 7, 2009

Trio of Peach Pies

I had a lot of peaches in my kitchen this summer, thanks to my CSA:
And believe it or not, I had never made a peach pie before this summer, so I decided to try out a few recipes.

The first recipe I tried was for a peach custard pie. I mixed up a custard of egg yolk, sour cream and sugar:

Whisked it all together and poured it over sliced peaches:
That pie also had a very sweet crumb topping. I'll make that one again when I'm having a VERY strong sugar craving.

The next pie I made was a bit simpler - just sliced peaches mixed with a bit of sugar and spice, arranged over a crust of crushed gingersnaps mixed with butter:
I brushed a bit of warm apricot jam over that one for a bit of shine so it would look finished after I took it out of the tart pan.

Finally, I took on a plain peach pie. I sliced my peaches and mixed them with sugar, cornstarch and a bit of flour:

And once they were topped with crust, baked them into a classic!

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