Friday, September 18, 2009


Welcome to apple season!
With all the apples coming into the farmer's markets and fall holiday celebrations going on, I wanted to make an apple cake for a dinner with friends, and decided on this apfelkuchen, a German Apple Cake.

The cake itself is put together like most other cakes - butter creamed with sugar, eggs (here, just the yolks), and then flour and milk. I added the milk and flour alternately, beginning and ending with flour:

The batter is then lightened with beaten egg whites:

And layered in the bundt cake pan with chopped apples. I added cinnamon to the recipe for a bit of extra flavor, though the cake would be good as written:

The heavy, rich batter puffed around the apples as the cake baked:

and the cake itself turned out fairly well from the pan even though the layers of apples inside made for a more fragile pastry:

The cake did fall apart upon eating!

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