Monday, October 19, 2009


Pizza just tastes better coming from your own oven:
I decided to try the King Arthur Flour recipe for pizza crust this time. The recipe offers a number of variations for different styles of pizza, and I thought a deep dish crust was just what I needed.

So, this is what yeast looks like when you let it sit 15 minutes in water and flour to bubble. yum!

Combined with the rest of the ingredients, it looks a bit more appetizing:

This dough kneaded nicely and formed a nice, smooth ball, smoother than I expected from the way the recipe was written:

Halfway through rising:

And ready to shape!

I stretched out the dough and placed it into my large rimmed cookie sheet:

And was surprised at how much it puffed up in this second rising:

A pre-bake and some toppings later (chicken sausage on one half, extra cheese on the other), it was dinnertime:

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