Monday, October 5, 2009

Lemon Meringue Pie

I have fond memories of a restaurant we used to visit at the mall, long closed, called The Pie Plate. I always got Lemon Meringue:
I'm not sure how I had never made a lemon meringue pie before this, but I'll be making more of them.

The pie starts with a crust (rolled as always between sheets of waxed paper to keep my counter clean):

The filling is a homemade lemon curd made with lots of fresh lemon, both the zest:

And plenty of juice:

This is cooked and whisked from this state:

Until is is properly thickened, and then poured into the pre-baked crust and refrigerated:

A quick meringue and toasting, and it's done!


  1. I love love love lemon meringue pie. It may be one of my favorites. My mom used to make it when we were kids, so I think I instinctively associate it with home. Yours looks terrific.

  2. oh good - that means I'll get to make more when you wander back towards nyc!