Sunday, August 30, 2009

Rustic Apricot Peach Tart

The CSA bounty this summer included plenty of delicious fresh apricots:

I hadn't had anything but dried apricots for a long time, and really enjoyed the fresh fruit in hand, but when faced with a pint basket full that wouldn't last, I did what any reasonable baker would do and whipped up a crust:

Because I was making a free-form rustic tart, I cracked an egg yolk into a measuring cup and added water to come to about a 1/4 cup instead of just using cold water. The egg makes for a much sturdier crust:

After the dough chilled I rolled in out between sheets of waxed paper to keep my counter clean:

I then spread the crust with a mix of sweetened cream cheese and started topping it with chopped nuts and my apricots:

I added the peaches on top and glazed the result with a bit of warmed jam for shine:

And it baked into something almost like a fruit pizza:
This recipe was based on this one, but I used the homemade crust above, pecans, and added a few chunks of peach.

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