Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bread I Like: Crumbs Bakeshop

I first went to Crumb's bakeshop when they had but one outpost on the upper west side. I had heard of the great variety:

But I can't really capture it in even two pictures:
And they come out with more flavors all the time!

Mom was visiting recently, and we selected an Elvis cupcake and a Pistachio cupcake:

and did I mention they're filled? mmmmm...


  1. Have you tried Buttercup? That's probably my favorite cupcake place in NY. Crumbs cupcakes are so big!! Though it is difficult to find that perfect icing-cake balance. Here are some other suggestions:

  2. You may hate me for saying so, but I am not a fan of buttercup at ALL. Magnolia is on my no-go cupcake list, too. The thing about Magnolia and Buttercup is that the cake tends to be a little dry, and the frosting far too sweet for me. I know the cupcakes at crumbs are HUGE, but I certainly don't mind saving half for the next day...