Thursday, August 13, 2009

Food Fail: The Seymour Milkshake

I'm lactose intolerant, not that that generally stops me and a few lactaid pills from consuming whatever dairy products I please. There is a vegan fast food place in my neighborhood, though, which means I have no need for lactaid when I have a yen for a delicious, delicious milkshake: Foodswings.

Some of the food is kind of suspect, but the milkshakes are usually excellent. Last time I visited it seemed...chunky. I walked home and opened the lid, expecting to find an exceptionally frozen chunk of vegan pistachio ice cream with maybe a large piece of oreo and frozen peanut butter. What I found was...a malfunctioning blender? I have no idea:


  1. Catching up on Google Reader...

    I was really worried that you were going to say you found half of a body of some large bug or beetle or something.

  2. No, no...those wouldn't be vegan! The upside is that the milkshakes are usually quite delicious - I'll have to introduce you to that place after a nice long run.

  3. oh man, you live near Foodswings?
    Meryl and I have been going out of our way to visit that place for a while now.
    So gross, and so good.

  4. I do! It's really just a vegan milkshake stop for me, though - there are so many great restaurants near there on grand street.