Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Oatmeal-Molasses Bread

I've tried a lot of different oatmeal breads, but I am always up for another. Oatmeal bread is one that I've found to be a consistent - and tasty - loaf for sandwiches:

This one has a good dose of molasses and butter to flavor the oats:

The first step, however, does not look nearly as tasty. After letting oatmeal, molasses and butter steep in hot water, yeast is added and the mixture sits for a few more minutes:

After the mixture is nice and bubbly, flour and salt are added:

And stirred into a slightly sticky dough:

I did have to add more flour in the kneading process to get the dough to the right consistency:

But it rose beautifully!

I then split the dough into pieces and rolled them:

Into two loaves:

And here are the loaves ready to be baked - I topped them with a few sprinkles of raw oats as a quick finishing touch:

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