Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lemon Chess Pie

I know, it doesn't look like much:
But I was so delighted with my chocolate chess pie that when I had to make a spring dessert, my thoughts when straight to a lighter version.

The biggest surprise when I make pie seems to be that I make my own dough. Here is my biggest trick - wax paper. I've scrubbed a counter covered with flour and dough remnants before, and it isn't pretty. This makes the process easy:

For a chess pie or other custard pie, your filling it when when you pour it into your shell, so you have to pre-bake it. Here is the dough partway through baking. You can see the fork holes I poked in it to eliminate air bubbles:

When the dough was almost done, I took it out and brushed it with an egg wash, because my last chess pie had dough that seemed a tiny bit underdone, and this sealed the holes nicely:

Then, on to the filling: sugar, milk, butter, lemon juice and a LOT of lemon zest:

Pour straight into the crust and bake into the oven:

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