Monday, April 13, 2009

Carrot Cake Cupcakes

Easter: a time for chocolate bunnies, cadbury creme eggs and spring desserts:
I decided that I would make these carrot cake cupcakes to bring to a gathering because I wanted an easy Easter treat to serve to a crowd.

The recipe is a fairly basic quickbread style one, though with a bit less flour than average. The result is almost chewy and has a bit of a cookie feel to it. Here are the wet ingredients, dry ingredients, and a few essentials: grated carrot, nuts and raisins:

and a close up of the almost finished batter, a quick stir away from the finish:

Mix it all up and portion it out into cupcake tins:
and then beware: if you follow the linked recipe, the baking time and temperature has some inconsistencies. I agree with the reviewers of this recipe that the instructions must be for some sort of cake. Just lower the oven temperature and check these at about 20 minutes, and proceed cautiously.

Now, the part where everyone wants to lick the mixing bowl: frosting. This is a mixture of butter, cream cheese, vanilla and a little lemon juice, to which I added some of the confectioner's sugar to the right of the bowl. I like my frosting a little less sweet so I used less than the full pound:

Then I loaded the finished frosting onto my cupcakes!

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