Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Chocolate Chess Pie

I had heard of chess pie before but didn't know what it was. So I cracked open my best cookbook for this sort of thing (it is called "Pie." Seriously) and found a recipe. I decided to make a chocolate one just in case. You can't go wrong with chocolate. You can go wrong with strange new recipes.

Here is the pie crust, almost ready for a partial baking. Next time I'll par-bake the crust a little bit more, as my brother thought it was a little too chewy. You can see that I rolled this out in between sheets of wax paper - the size is just about right so you don't need to worry about your crust fitting in your dish and there is a bit less flour to clean up after:

The filling - a mix of chocolate, butter, eggs and vanilla:

The crust, partially baked and cooling:

And the pie, ready to go in the oven:

This was a good experiment, and I'll probably try the basic Chess pie and maybe lemon, too, soon.

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