Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Rye Bread - with Raisins?

So, I was going to make some bread for a friend, and he asked for Rye bread, golden raisins. I wasn't so sure about how tasty that might be, but started mixing. This bread started like the light portion of the Marbled Rye Bread - Rye flour, bread flour, molasses, shortening, salt, yeast and water:

Then, as soon as the dough came together, I started adding raisins. For a regular bread with raisins, I would wait until the very end of kneading, but since rye bread becomes sticky if it is kneaded too long, I added the raisins as I began:

I decided that this was less of a sandwich bread so I made it into a boule - you have your dough in a ball, and you stretch it around to the bottom from all angles to create enough surface tension at the top of the loaf. Here it is before the second rise:

And after:

After baking, you can see how the dough was gathered at the bottom:

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