Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Marbled Rye Bread

Two doughs, one tasty bread. I had hoped for more contrast in color but the flavor made it worthwhile:

You start with two bowls filled with the same dry ingredients: flour, rye flour, caraway seeds, yeast and salt:

and to one bowl, in addition to water, molasses and a bit of shortening you add some color - I used cocoa powder dissolved in water:

After a short knead (rye flour can get gummy) and a few hours on the counter, here are the two doughs, complete with my handprints from turning them out of their bowls:

You can marble your loaves in a few ways. I elected to try cutting my doughs and clumping them together instead of spiraling:

Here are the loaves ready to go into the oven after a second rise in the pan. At this point, you could really smell the chocolate from the darker dough:

The sandwich ready result did not, however, prevent dessert from being had:

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