Friday, April 24, 2009

Potato Rosemary Bread

Sometimes, I just eat my leftover mashed potatoes. But this time I decided to turn some into potato bread:

The process for these loaves actually began the night before, as the base of the dough is a Biga. A Biga is a sponge made of flour, yeast and water that is kneaded and left to rise, then chilled overnight. This allows more flavor to develop from the wheat. Here is the Biga before is chilled:

In the morning I assembled my ingredients ahead of time while the Biga, sliced into chunks, warmed to room temperature:

Here is the dough once it was mixed:

And after kneading:

After this very soft dough had risen, the loaves were rolled into shape and left to rise again:

After a quick coating of olive oil for color and flavor, the loaves were ready for the oven:

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