Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Garlic Scape Bread

I've gotten a fair amount of garlic scapes - a stalk from the garlic plant that is harvested when it is young, tender and full of flavor- from the farm share this year:

My friend Sam pointed me toward this garlic bread recipe that he thought scapes might be good in, so I gave it a try. I mixed together my spices with the huge amount of yeast specified, spices, cheese and garlic scapes:
And then I set the bread for a quick rise. There is a ton of yeast and sugar in the recipe so the bread really does gain volume quite quickly.

Here's the bread after the first and only rise:

After this the bread is shaped and sprinkled with more cheese, it is placed into a cool oven while it pre-heats to both rise and bake:

The resulting loaves are pretty, but not the tastiest I've made - when you cut short rising time by using heat and a lot of yeast, you sacrifice a lot of flavor that comes from your flour.

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