Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Lemon Poppyseed Butterfly Cupcakes

I wanted to have some fun with a lemon flavored cupcake, so I found a recipe that was a bit more involved to bring to a recent book club meeting. These basic cupcakes...

start with a fairly standard cake recipe - butter creamed with sugar, to which you add eggs, lemon and a fair number of poppyseeds, and then alternately add the dry and wet ingredients:

Then, the fun begins. Some homemade lemon curd is set aside, and more is mixed into freshly whipped cream:

The top of the cupcake is sliced off, and then the cupcake is frosted with the lemon-whipped cream mixture:

Then, the tops are placed back on with a bit of piped lemon curd - butterflies!


  1. I can be a little anti-cute when you already have small cake, but everyone loves it! I have resolved to continue doing cute things with food.