Thursday, June 18, 2009


I remembered pizza dough as being difficult and time consuming to make from one experience many years ago. This time, the experience was much different:

The dough was started like many other doughs: flour, yeast, salt, water and a bit of olive oil. Traditionally, pizza dough doesn't contain olive oil, but I wanted to try the recipe in my trusty "Breadbaker's Apprentice," so olive oil it is!

Once the flour was incorporated into the wet ingredients, this dough wasn't kneaded - instead, it was stirred by hand for about seven minutes, until it was significantly smoother than before:

I split the dough and put some in oiled bags to freeze for later use:

After resting overnight in the fridge and a few hours on my counter, I spread out a small ball of dough and added sauce...

and plenty of cheese, resulting in a simple and delicious pizza. I'll be experimenting with less classic toppings soon!

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