Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Multigrain Bread with Spelt

After my first loaf of Multigrain Bread, I knew I wanted to try making it again, with different grains. I got some spelt from Cayuga Pure Organics and decided to use that in my modified recipe. Below is the beginning of my dough - flour, yeast, salt, honey, cooked spelt and a mixture of polenta, roughly ground uncooked spelt, wheat germ and water that I left to sit overnight:
I mixed all of this into a very sticky dough that proved a bit tough to knead. I knew at that point that my recipe wasn't quite right yet, but I decided to keep going and see what might happen.

The dough did smooth out and I set it to rise:

Halfway through, you can see the volume growing, and also the light changing in my kitchen:

At the end of the first rise, I was hopeful that the bread would indeed prove tasty:

I spread it into an oval... 

and rolled it up into a loaf:

I sprinkled the loaf with poppyseeds and let it rise once more:

And the final product came out light and delicious, although I will be modifying this recipe before I make it again:

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