Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Challah with Fresh Eggs from the Farm!

Happy Chickens make delicious eggs:

These delicious eggs, available at the greenmarket in New York City's Union Square from Tello's Green Farm, also make delicious Challah:
I split a dozen of these eggs with a friend every week as part of a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program. In these programs, groups pay a farmer up front for a share of the season's harvest so that the farmer has the resources to buy seed, machinery and whatever else they may need to keep the farm running. We also get a share of vegetables and in a few weeks, fruit!

The dough made of these eggs seemed a little brighter yellow to me than the dough of previous Challah I've made:

Once it was kneaded, I set it to rise:

And a few hours later, it was ready for shaping:

I split the dough into four portions this time...

to make a four-braid. Even when I've made a recipe before, it is fun to try something new with it:

The resulting rich bread benefited greatly from the fresh eggs!


  1. Hi Mary! Thanks for commenting on my blog.
    This challah looks wonderful. It's one of those breads I love to eat, but haven't gotten up the nerve to make yet. :-)

  2. My pleasure! Challah is one of my favorites to both bake and eat! I'd advise trying a few simple breads in loaf pans to get used to how doughs feel and then jumping in and trying it out. No better way to use the last few eggs in a carton!