Monday, March 30, 2009

Chewy Jumbo "Candy" Cookies

Need a quick treat? Something to bring to a friend? I tend to look no further than a good, basic cookie recipe. I like to go back again and again to the basics that everyone loves, like chocolate chip cookies - but sometimes I'll add candy instead for color and fun:

The recipe is from the Land o Lakes butter website, and this is everything you need to make the cookies - I just substituted candy for the chocolate chips. Butter, Sugar and Brown sugar in one bowl, two eggs, vanilla, a mix of flour and leavening, and yes, candy:

Here is what the mixture looks like once you've creamed together the butter and sugar, added your eggs and vanilla and then slowly mixed in your flour.

Once you add the candy or chocolate, you just scoop out chunks of dough - I used a 1/4 cup measuring scoop - flatten them a little, and bake. The top row of cookies has been flattened here:

And the result? Toddler approved!
Many thanks to Suzi for allowing me to post the above picture.

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